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Researcher's Nightworkshop: The night cityscape of Barcelona 
Julius-Cezar MacQuarie (University College Cork)
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Rafael Clua García
Start time:
25 July, 2024 at
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

The Researcher’s Nightworkshop will contribute to EASA2024 with a blended approach between nightnography and artwork. Open to EASA participants, this nightnographic lab will give a more encompassing perspective of the city that transforms itself and how familiar landscapes can be explored anew.

Long Abstract:

Updated: 22.03.23

Highlight: Dr Rafael Club Garcia joining Lab011.

Registration open via the link:

After the successful two-night laboratories at EASA 2016 Milan, the Researcher's Nightworkshop proposes the night cityscape of Barcelona in 2024.

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie, an experienced nightnographer, will provoke participants to imagine the lives of nightshifters, often migrant men and women. Whilst night walking together with the participants, he will introduce methods to collect, produce and convey knowledge about those who work the nightshift but remain ‘invisible’ to the dominant diurnal eye and mind.

Rafael Clua García is a Social and Cultural anthropologist, and mental health nurse (see Short bio). He will share his experience and knowledge along the planned route. As the group collectively walks through the night, we will capture the different worlds and rhythms that intersect as we move through the nightscape of Barcelona.

Together, we will reflect upon how we can design for urban places at night and how we make Barcelona a more inclusive place for those who work the nightshift and are, thus, alienated from the daytime folks and city services.

Short bio: For the past 20 years, Dr Clua García has worked in care services for drug users in the Brians prison (in Barcelona, Spain). Currently, he is conducting an ethnographic study on the phenomenon of ‘narcopisos’ in the Raval neighborhood: homes illegitimately occupied and managed by criminal organizations for the sale and consumption of drugs (heroin, cocaine/crack and methamphetamine). He also convenes on P041: