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‘Doing’ ethnography as a Transgender, Non-Binary, or otherwise Gender-diverse anthropologist. 
Mattie Rowlands (University College London)
Branwen Spector (University College London)
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Thursday 18 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

What does it mean to ‘do’ ethnography as a non-cisgender anthropologist? How are experiences in the field uniquely shaped by positionality as a non-cisgender researcher?

Long Abstract:

Through open conversation and shared dialogue, this Lab’s primary objective is to generate discussion on experiences of ‘doing’ ethnography as a Transgender, Non-Binary, or otherwise Gender-Diverse, anthropologist. We are interested in and hope to host a respectful and comfortable discussion on how notions of fieldwork access, safety and reflexivity are uniquely shaped by their positionality as a non-cisgender researcher. For example, given the importance of building ‘trust’ amongst research interlocuters, what can it mean to pass, or not pass, as cisgender in the field? How can we share and create knowledge around processes of transitioning or change in the course of conducting fieldwork? By doing so, the Lab aims to contribute to on-going efforts to create inclusive resources on fieldwork safety and ethics.

The Lab will be hosted online via Microsoft Teams, in order to encourage participation. Participants will be able to join under their preferred name and are open to leave the cameras of their device turned off if they wish. Participation is open to Transgender, Non-Binary, or otherwise Gender-Diverse anthropologists, as well as to cis-gender allies.