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Doing Journalism as an Anthropologist: Borrowing from The Journalist’s Toolbox 
Emily Kennedy
Adam Gamwell (Anthrocurious, LLC)
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Thursday 18 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

To make anthropology matter in our contemporary moment, it needs to be in the public discourse. This requires anthropologists to do more journalistic tasks. This workshop peers into the journalist’s toolbox–one that anthropologists can borrow from to amplify the reach of their expertise.

Long Abstract:

In order to make anthropology matter, it needs to be in the public discourse. This requires anthropologists to transition from researcher to reporter. Good news: ethnography and journalism share many similarities. This workshop will provide participants a glimpse into the toolbox and methods of journalists that anthropologists can use to amplify the reach of their expertise and research. In addition to learning journalistic methods, attendees will spy familiar ethnographic methods repurposed for journalistic pursuits.

Co-hosted by American anthropologist and podcaster Adam Gamwell and Canadian-UK journalist and researcher Emily Kennedy, this workshop is ideal for students and faculty who want to engage the public with their work, either via traditional media (writing op-eds, articles, or being interviewed by reporters), or using self-published platforms (blogs, podcasts, social media). Students, faculty and practitioners are welcome! Attendees are encouraged to bring a story topic for development. Breakout rooms will allow small groups to practice specific tools, receive tailored feedback, and leave the session with a pitch ready for distribution to media outlets (or positioned for self-publishing). Following the workshop, participants will receive digital handouts of the methods for repeat use. To help participants engage with the city of Barcelona, we will include examples of local anthropologists in the media, and invite an editor from the local news organization Civio to join our discussions. Pre-registration for this lab will be required, for a maximum of 25 participants. The lab will utilize modern online meeting technology coordinated behind-the-scenes by Upstream Media.