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Crafting the entrepreneurial state: rethinking public policy production processes in contemporary capitalism [Anthropologies of the State (AnthroState)] 
Eloi Sendrós Ferrer (Universitat de Barcelona)
Agustín D'Onia (Universitat de Barcelona)
Alejandro Gorr Pozzi (Universidad de Buenos Aires - Université de Strasbourg)
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Martin Lundsteen (University of Barcelona)
Wednesday 24 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Exploring global policrisis, this panel delves into blurred State-market boundaries in contemporary capitalism. It analyzes neoliberal governance and the entrepreneurial State, focusing on transformative struggles within public policy processes driving market dynamics and capital accumulation.

Long Abstract:

The global situation of policrisis (Henig & Knight, 2023), or chronic crisis (Vigh, 2008), to which the different expressions and effects of contemporary capitalism have given rise, appears as a suitable context for reopening some classic discussions about the relation between the State, or stateness, and the market; frequently presented as a (false) antinomy (Bourdieu, 2014, 2017). A relation the poles of which present increasingly blurred boundaries, specially under the aegis of neoliberalism, and the emergence of particular forms of neoliberal States (Wacquant, 2010), or neoliberal gobernmentality (Ferguson & Gupta, 2002), such as the “entrepreneurial State” (Mazzucato, 2011), the “entrepreneurial (urban) governance” (Harvey, 1989), or what Scott (2021) labels as the global neoliberal project to harmonize governmental and political-economic structures, in order to standardise and foster commodification processes.

The present panel takes the shape of an invitation to think about the transformations and the current struggles related to the revision and production of categories of public intervention (Bourdieu, 2014), and devices of State visibility-making (Scott, 1991), within specific entrepreneurial public policy production processes. Or, in other words, State-led public policies oriented to the production, enhancement, dynamisation, and acceleration of markets, and channels of capital circulation and accumulation, in different fields of public action. We encourage the participants to present a relational, sociohistorical, and critical approach to the complex structures of relations, and the particular agents (with their corresponding social attributes and backgrounds, trajectories, interests, etc.) which shape the processes, the struggles, and the public policies tackled.

Accepted papers:

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