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Good bye 'Lonely Hero' - hello 'Relational Self': the practice of accompanied research 
Julia Koch Tshirangwana (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Judit Tavakoli
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Lightning panel
Thursday 18 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

The online lightening panels brings together pairs of anthropologists who report on their experiences and exchanges of 'accompanied fieldwork'.

Long Abstract:

The call invites for an analysis of the doing with anthropology and thus the controversial forms of knowledge generation in the field. In that mode the consequences resulting from privileges and restrictions can be assessed. While the Lonely Hero pattern (Bundgaard and Rubow 2014) of field research has passed its zenith after 100 years and collaborative research among peers or in training situations has become more common in the field, the reverse question of the family ties of individual research personalities in the field has still been little addressed. Not only, but especially in the so-called post-doc phase, fewer and fewer researchers are "alone" in the field. Although there are isolated, reflective reports on the dynamics of family situations in the field (Cassell 1987; Braukmann et al. 2020), a more comparative analysis of the connection between family and field-specific embedding is still lacking. The silence about the roles of the various 'accompanying persons' (researching or non-researching partners, children, ...) in the process of ethnological knowledge generation presents itself as a missed opportunity for the reflexive generation of empirical knowledge in view of the local differences in normative concepts of family life. The "relational self" of the researcher ultimately formulates the "doings and undoings" of anthropology and our panel proposes and practices collaborations.

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Session 1 Thursday 18 July, 2024, -