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Here, now, there, then: crafting politics and its emerging timespaces 
Chiara Calzana (University of Turin)
Elena Miltiadis (Roskilde University)
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Olga Demetriou (University of Durham)
Thursday 18 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

This panel welcomes ethnographic explorations of how timespaces are manifested, materialised, and performed through the doing and undoing of multiple intersecting forms of political engagement that animate temporal and spatial orientations. These dynamics are framed here as “crafting politics”.

Long Abstract:

Recent events, such as wars, disasters, the pandemic, and the environmental impact brought by climate change, have been experienced by communities across the world as sites of heightened political activity that animate multiple temporal and spatial orientations (cf., Bryant and Knight, 2019).

This panel welcomes ethnographic explorations of the ways in which timespaces emerge through "crafting politics". We use the term "crafting politics" as a way to indicate the doing and undoing of multiple intersecting forms of political engagement. These encompass but are not limited to the narrativisation of politics; the implementation of public policies; the impact and development of institutional interventions; the making of collective actions; the envisioning of political utopias and dystopias. Some examples include political processes of memorialisation; mobilisation and activism across physical and digital spaces; the planning and execution of projects of urban redevelopment, regeneration, and gentrification.

We encourage reflection on the following questions: how does the "crafting" of politics articulate different scales of pasts, presents, and futures (e.g., national, biographical, local)? How are intersecting timespaces produced, negotiated, and contested, through the doing and undoing of political engagement? How is politics "crafted" through the tension between temporariness and permanence? How are these emerging timespaces felt, experienced, and embodied? We are looking for contributions that consider the ways in which the "crafting" of politics becomes a site where temporal orientations and moods (e.g., anticipation, repetition, hope, uncertainty), as well as their affective resonance (see Gordon, 1997 on haunting) are manifested, materialised, envisioned, imagined, and performed.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 18 July, 2024, -
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