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Undoing and redoing anthropology with photography: dialogues, collaborations, hybridisations. 
Caterina Borelli (Università Ca' Foscari)
Amanda Bernal Pérez (ERC Visual Trust - Universitat de Barcelona)
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Wednesday 24 July, -, -Thursday 25 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

If, in recent years, anthropology has served well as a source of inspiration for photographers, what exactly can photography offer anthropology in terms of disciplinary renewal? We invite proposals that explore the dialogues between ethnographic experiences and art practices.

Long Abstract:

Over the last decades, social sciences have had a relevant influence on art production. Since the ethnographic turn (Forster 1995), contemporary art practices have opened up to theories and approaches borrowed from anthropology, such as the free adoption of field research methods or long-term projects focusing on socially- or politically engaged themes. We can also notice collaborations with local actors and the stress put on the relationships generated by these encounters more than on the final artwork (Schneider & Wright 2013). Specifically, the boundaries between artistic and ethnographic photography have become more porous and blurrier, with the idea of photography as a laboratory for visual creation gaining more credit (Latour 2005). Nonetheless, if anthropological thinking and ethnographic doing have served well as a source of inspiration for photographers, what photography can offer anthropology in terms of disciplinary renewal is more complex and up for debate (Borelli, forthcoming). How are the ethical stances of anthropology, for instance, in terms of trust (Canals 2020), reshaped through its dialogue with artistic traditions? Are such disciplinary exchanges providing anthropologists with new ways of thinking, making, and narrating? Is there room for experimentation in anthropology, and to what extent, without risking its dissolution as a science? We invite proposals that, by putting artistic and ethnographic experiences into dialogue, illuminate their reciprocal nature (Sansi 2014) and embrace mutual fertilisation. Proposals could explore the relationship between image and text, participatory research processes, the signature documentary, or the project's backstage, visualising such collusion and possible collisions.

Accepted papers:

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