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Digital commoning: multimodal communities of resistance [Network for Digital Anthropology (ENDA)] 
Laura Haapio-Kirk (University of Oxford)
Xinyuan Wang (University College London (UCL))
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Daniel Miller (University College London (UCL))
Tuesday 23 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Digital platforms have become central to practices of 'commoning', for example in the organisation of communities and the sharing of stories for advocacy. How might anthropologists leverage digital tools to study, document, and amplify the voices of communities resisting precarious conditions?

Long Abstract:

In the contemporary situation of precarity and multiple forms of ‘undoing’, a key anthropological contribution is to understand how ‘commoning’ practices enable forms of resistance and advocacy beyond the capacity of the individual. Digital platforms have become a central medium for individuals to engage in civil society, such as with local group chats used for grassroots community development, or visual digital media for awareness raising through compelling storytelling.

In this roundtable we will discuss how digital tools are appropriated in the creation of the commons whilst critically engaging with the challenges of 'undoing' within digital commons, considering issues of surveillance, information control, and the erosion of communal bonds. How do digital platforms both contribute to and resist forms of precarity through commoning in an ageing, warming, and inequitable world?

Central to this dialogue is the question of how anthropology can be reimagined to meaningfully engage with the intersection of digital platforms and commoning practices. We ask how anthropologists can leverage digital tools to study, document, and amplify the voices of communities resisting precarious conditions, envisioning new possibilities for collaborative research and dissemination beyond the academy.

The roundtable encourages interdisciplinary dialogue, with anthropologists, scholars of technology, and practitioners collectively analysing the role of the digital in response to the multiple emergencies of the contemporary moment. Participants are free to propose their own themes under the general umbrella of digital technologies and the commons. We particularly welcome examples of multimodal approaches that expand the scope and reach of anthropology.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Tuesday 23 July, 2024, -