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Working with the non-observable: audio-visual modes of doing and undoing knowledge [Visual Anthropology Network (VANEASA)] 
Angela Torresan (University of Manchester)
Michaela Schäuble (University of Bern)
Paolo S. H. Favero (University of Antwerp)
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Lightning panel
Wednesday 24 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

This lightening panel uses the Pacha Kucha format to look at the intersection of audio-visual and multimodal approaches with abstract, unexpected, and non-observable domains of social life. Contributors will explore ways of doing and undoing anthropology with dynamic multi-sensory modes of knowing.

Long Abstract:

Considering that the term and concept of ‘theory’ derive from the Greek word theorein, meaning ‘to look at,’ to ‘contemplate,’ to ‘speculate,’ this panel asks how non-observable realities can be grasped and theorised through audio-visual means. As theorein combines theion (the divine) and orao (I see) - 'I contemplate the divine' - engaging in theory and analytical practices implies experiencing something through cognition that cannot be directly observed. Audio-visual and multimodal anthropology has frequently grappled with the non-observable and the abstract, not only in terms of making it visible but, more importantly, in terms of making it known. We invite anthropologists to investigate the intersection of audio-visual and multimodal approaches with the abstract, the unexpected, and the non-observable domains of social life by participating in a different form of panel presentation.

We will leverage the lightning panel format, using the dynamism of Pecha Kucha presentation, to disrupt the solidification of knowledge communication and reveal the openness and vulnerability of abstract arguments. We anticipate that the constraints of the Pecha Kucha format (a 6-minute and 40-second presentation with 20 slides, each displayed for 20 seconds) will prompt innovative approaches and stimulate diverse discussions on how to engage with the non-observable. We invite presentations on a diverse range of themes, and welcome a variety of audio-visual and multimodal approaches, from photos, moving images, soundscapes, AI, and different art forms that engage with different ways of doing anthropology.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 24 July, 2024, -
Session 2 Wednesday 24 July, 2024, -