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On collective unpredictablities and improbable socialities 
Alberto Corsin Jimenez (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC))
AbdouMaliq Simone (University of Sheffield)
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Tuesday 23 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Hegemonic and pluriversal discourses inhabit similar orientations towards the adventitious as time-space assemblages of the probable, plausible or unforeseeable. But what if the unpredictable was not a curated hermeneutics of factuals and counterfactuals, but an arts of politics for surplusfactuals?

Long Abstract:

White privilege is based on the promise that “everything will be alright”, where empirical details are ignored in favor of an image of sufficiency propped up by the enforced precarity and expendability of others. In urban conditions where there is no conceivable way of working around the costs that the predicted abstractions of humanity wrought, the right to be human is either buttressed at all costs or abandoned all, together. Ethnographic scholarship has alternative shown how counterplanning, everydayness or the incidental often conjure unpredictable worlds. In both cases the predictable and the unpredictable are imagined as declinations of the adventitious: temporal and spatial assemblages of the probable, the plausible or the unforeseeable. But what if the unpredictable was not an expression of futural agnosticisms or indeterminacies, a curated hermeneutics of factuals and counterfactuals, but the collective accrual of otherwisefactuals? What may it mean to speak of unpredictability as an arts of politics for surplusfactuals?

This panel invites urban ethnographies where unpredictability is collectively maneuvered and enfolded as a surplus of existence: What methodologies of emergent convocations, complementary deployments of difference, and circulations of bodies with and through each other constitute new substrates of urban life? What are the vernaculars, techniques, and practices of strange alliances, collaborations across different kinds of distances, engagements with urban residents off the map, with people and practices often seen as impossible to accompany each other? How to risk instigating new dispositions with a sense of ethics—and what would those ethics be?

Accepted papers:

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