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Reworlding anthropology in mountain ecologies: redefining human-other-than-human relationships and environmental challenges. [Environmental Anthropology Network] 
Viviane Cretton Mballow (HES-SO Valais Wallis, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland)
Stefan Festini Cucco (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)
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Wednesday 24 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Dealing with critical environmental issues in mountainous regions, this panel recognizes other-than-human subjects as essential components within complex webs of interactions that shape, reshape, and transform mountain environments.

Long Abstract:

Addressing critical ecological concerns in mountain areas, such as glaciers melting, biodiversity loss, declining grazing land, water supply, and landslides, this panel explores the concept of ‘undoing’ anthropology in the context of the deep interconnectedness between humans and other-than-human worlds. Our goal is to redefine anthropology in mountainous regions, moving beyond human-centric boundaries.

Inspired by multi-species approaches, we will examine the often-overlooked interrelations between humans and other-than-human elements in mountain worlds. This includes subjects such as grasslands, forests, glaciers, soil, rocks, air, belief systems, knowledge cultures and natural resource management, which are intricately intertwined with human social worlds.

This panel addresses critical questions: How can we understand interdependencies between local and global actors in mountain areas and reimagine these connections? What distinctive insights can anthropologists offer by considering mountain-related other-than-humans, such as grass, animals, fodder, and manure, as active participants in global human-market interactions? How can we apprehend mountain worlds differently considering our particular capacities as human beings?

Through transdisciplinary fieldworks, we aim to discover innovative ways of practicing anthropology in mountain environments that fully engage with the more-than-human world while also recognizing the importance of social, economic, and symbolic structures. We invite scholars to share their experiences and insights in unraveling the complexities of human-other-than-human interactions in the mountain worlds and redefining the boundaries of the discipline. This panel aims to offer fresh perspectives on anthropological research in an era where environmental challenges and global interconnectedness demand innovative approaches to understand and address the intricate dynamics of our world.

Accepted papers:

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