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Anticipating afterlife – moral and economical ways to prepare for after life [Age and Generations Network (AGENET)] 
Sophia Thubauville (Frobenius Institute)
Sabine Klocke-Daffa (University of Tuebingen)
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Friday 26 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Worldwide, funerals are figuring among the most elaborate social events. Moreover, burial commodities and places cause high costs to the deceased and their survivors. This panel wants to discuss the creative ways in which people deal with the challenges they face when preparing for the afterlife.

Long Abstract:

For many societies worldwide, social security is one of the most pressing issues to be addressed. If states have few social benefits to offer, individuals must make their own provisions for times of crisis. Rather than relying exclusively on formal ways of support, new possibilities have been sought which allow for maintaining familial obligations and social norms without threatening individual economic wellbeing. However, some forms of social security have been so successful that they have been adopted in diaspora communities in host countries with very sophisticated social security systems. Caring for the future entails the care for the life of the living as well as for the afterlife of the dead. Funerals are figuring among the most elaborate and costly social events consuming large amounts of financial and material resources. Some diaspora communities are also faced with the high costs of repatriation of bodies of the deceased. In order to cover the expenses, new forms of safeguarding have been accessed and creatively developed. Among them are rotating credit associations, funeral and life insurances, and the negotiation of "death benefits" as part of work contracts. Getting engaged in one of the "caring units" are locals as well as external family members and international diaspora communities. This panel aims to discuss the creative ways in which people deal with the challenges they face due to the high cost of caring for the afterlife. We invite papers that focus on forms of social security, on funerals, and /or care for the afterlife.

Accepted papers:

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