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Doing/undoing hormonally: sex hormones, environmental shifts, and the possibilities 
Nayantara Sheoran Appleton (Victoria University of Wellington)
Celia Roberts (Australian National University)
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Nayantara Sheoran Appleton (Victoria University of Wellington)
Celia Roberts (Australian National University)
Celia Roberts (Australian National University)
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Thursday 18 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

While there is scholarship on the plasticity of human bodies, vis-à-vis hormones, this panel makes new space(s) for ethnographically informed papers highlighting narratives of cis, trans, and intersex bodies that experience/experiment with hormonal malleability in light of the environmental crisis.

Long Abstract:

It is well established anthropologically that our ‘plastic bodies’ (Sanabria,E.) do and undo amazing things with hormones – sometimes intentionally, and at other times unintentionally. Societally, we are offered daily doses of sex hormones to use as contraception, to reduce the symptoms of menopause, or for living a ‘well-balanced’ life. On the other hand, young trans and intersex women continually struggle to get access to or information about the appropriate hormones for their wellbeing and sometimes survival. This, in a society where we are aware of our exposure to environmental and food hormones and asked to buy BPA-free plastics to prevent ‘reproductive toxicity,’ eat meats that are hormone free, and pay attention to sporting controversies where ‘gender’ is determined through hormonal level testing.

There is indeed a complex relationship between body purity/body pollution/body panic when it comes to hormonal management and acknowledging hormonal malleability.

For this panel, drawing on previous scholarship on sex hormones in STS, queer studies, and anthropology, we seek out papers that are willing to walk a ‘middle-ground’ (Roberts,C) which acknowledges the biological material of sex hormones but also the social possibilities made visible through hormonal management – especially now in light of the environmental crisis. Seeking ethnographically rich papers/presentations that bring forth narratives of cis, trans, and intersex bodies as they understand, live through, and make space for new embodiments, articulations, and relationships to/with environmentally impactable/impacted sex hormones.

Chair and Discussant will be invited later (based on collective discussion with the participants in the panel).

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 18 July, 2024, -