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Vengeance of sovereignty: new formations in the state-sovereignty-territory nexus 
Axel Rudi (University of Bergen)
Theodoros Rakopoulos (University of Oslo)
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Friday 26 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

With the recent resurgence of discourses on belonging and nativity, where different groups and peoples seek to "take back" their land, we ask: "Back from whom?". Reflecting on the relation between fragmented and robust statehood, we invite critical perspectives on sovereignty and territory.

Long Abstract:

We are living the vengeance of sovereignty. After decades of celebrating globalisation, the last few years have seen a massive turn to nativist and indigenist political discourse, that in various forms claims to “take back our land”. The crises of globalisation included environmental degradation, but also a shift onto the politics of reclaiming territory. Seeking an intellectual and emotive “root” for people and communities runs counter not only to accelerating movement of capital and people, but also to modes of analysis, unsettling common understandings of “belonging.” This panel will tackle this moment in time, by looking at how the different ways the politics of territoriality not only survive but triumph. It asks whether the “resurgence” of claims on territory, roots and belonging is new, where it comes from, and where it is leading. The panel will thus analyse this current shift, asking, “back from whom?” – and for whom?

We welcome papers that engage with movements and tendencies, from radical to reactionary, that claim belonging, rootedness and territoriality. Specifically, we are looking for contributions that re-examine such claims to land in relation to critical perspectives on sovereignty and changing state forms. In this way, the discussion can also focus on the fragmented, pending, imagined, and reconstructed forms of territoriality and adjacent sovereignty. Situating this inquiry within the state-sovereignty-territory nexus, we aim to bring forth perspectives that can shed light on new movements of de/globalization.

Accepted papers:

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