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Doing and undoing coastal and ocean heritage management: selected case studies 
Rosabelle Boswell (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
Pedro Pombo (Malta University)
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Elena Perez-Alvaro (UNED)
Friday 26 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Coastal communities are rich repositories of cultural heritage, and yet in Africa, they are rarely included in ocean and coastal management. In this panel, we discuss why and how coastal communities can diversify and undo hegemonic coastal heritage management in Africa and the nearby diaspora.

Long Abstract:

Presently, critical heritage studies and decolonial researchers call for more historicized, empathetic and holistic perspectives on human cultural life. In doing so, they urge social researchers to work against the longue-duree of global inequality and urge them to remain aware of the impact of poverty on peoples' lives. Researching the place and manifestation of intangible cultural heritage in five African countries, the project presented and discussed in this panel, considers the rich cultural heritage of African coastal communities and the pressure such communities are under, to transform their societies for economic development. The research presents several findings (1) the experience of coastal communities during colonial/neoliberal 'undoing', (2) the ways in which communities are 're-doing' identity, place and social meaning in the selected sites (3) the role of social researchers in these coastal narratives (4) the role of transdisciplinary research in producing new perspectives and approaches to producing a more inclusive human cultural life with the oceans. In this regard, the panel is multidisciplinary and offers a place for a selection of African scholars and artists to engage on the doing and undoing of coastal and ocean heritage management.

Accepted papers:

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