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Doing social justice and undoing inequalities through creative practice research: art, agency, and activism 
Katarzyna Kosmala (University of the West of Scotland)
Fiona Hackney (Manchester Metropolitan University)
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Francisco Martínez (Tampere University)
Thursday 18 July, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

We call for papers that explore how creative practice can advocate for social justice, ethical and pro-environmental living. We invite contributions concerned with political protest, artivism and everyday activism in response to persisting social, cultural, geographic, and economic inequalities.

Long Abstract:

This panel calls for papers examining the multiple ways in which creative research practice might advocate for social justice and promote ethical, pro-environmental, and dignified ways of living in the context world-wide instability and global crises, linked to socio-political unrest, climate change, mass migration, scarcity of natural resources and the exploitative operation of global capitalism and its discourses.

We invite interdisciplinary contributions that draw on but are not limited cultural studies, feminist and gender studies (e.g. Ahmed 2017), anthropology and social sciences (e.g. the work of activist and anthropologist David Graeber, 2018), arts and ecology (Pih, 2022), art praxis (Kester, 1998), design culture and thinking (Julier, 2013). We encourage submissions (these can include film and practice-based elements) concerned with community activism and diverse types of protest, including political, cultural, artivism and everyday micro activisms, such as that ‘quiet’ activism embedded in daily acts of resistance, refusal, and change (Hackney et al. 2022). The panel responds to persisting inequalities, dis-orientation, precarity (Kosmala and Imas, 2016), and challenges to livable life particularly in a post-COVID world (Butler, 2023), contributing to rethinking doing, and undoing culture, re/building communities, reconstructing social bonds, reshaping relatedness and means of being with each other.

Current crises make art agency and creative practice-based activism especially relevant, offering alternative voice and seeking solutions. We invite contributions that can offer positive change through art engagement, craft making, and design thinking as well as papers that investigate and engage with role of empathy, embodiment, in- betweenness, liminality and informal spaces.

Accepted papers:

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