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(Dis)placements: anthropologies, histories, futures 
Aleksandar Boskovic (UFRN)
Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo)
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Peter Schröder (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Suzana Ignjatovic (Institute of Social Sciences Belgrade)
Salma Siddique (Connecticut College)
Helena Wulff (Stockholm University)
Janet Carsten (University of Edinburgh)
Moshe Shokeid (Tel Aviv University)
Adam Kuper (London School of Economics)
Friday 26 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

The Roundtable will address the issues related to some of the critiques of the disciplines of social and cultural anthropology in recent years, and locate them in specific history of ideas, as part of a global movement.

Long Abstract:

As anthropology is increasingly being questioned and its methods examined, it is interesting to see where some of these criticisms are coming from - primarily in a disciplinary sense. Furthermore, it is interesting to look at some of the developments in contemporary social sciences and humanities (migrant crisis, the issues around multiculturalism, rising inequality), and see how anthropology seems to be increasingly more relevant for understanding these issues. The Roundtable will bring together scholars from different anthropological traditions and from different generations, with the goal of presenting the case for the more public and more engaged social anthropology, firmly positioned in the need to understand the world where we live.

Keywords: anthropology - criticism; engaged anthropology; anthropology - crisis; public anthropology