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Accepted Paper:

Caring in times of structural austerity: the case of the venezuelan inmobile migration  
Manuel D'Hers Del Pozo (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

Paper short abstract:

This communication analyze the challenges faced by "immobile migrants" in Venezuela due to the conditions of structural austerity caused by the crisis sustained for more than 8 years. This context allows us to describe those strategies of resistance and care, to guarantee the sustainability of life.

Paper long abstract:

Currently, Venezuela is going through one of the most delicate crises in its modern history and this translates into more than 6 million migrants and refugees. That is why in this communication we want to focus on the reflection of our analytical proposal which we have called "immobile migration" taking as reference the Venezuelan case, which seeks to describe and represent the context experienced by those people who have not been mobilized from their places of origin but who feel they are migrants due to two main and interrelated reasons: a) the diaspora that mobilizes around them and leaves them without their social networks; and b) the constant contingencies that threaten their lives in times of crisis, since all those factors that force and/or motivate those who have left the country are factors that those who remain in their place of origin experience and face every day. This condition of structural austerity implies, among other things, a daily life deprived of basic services such as water, electricity, transportation, telecommunications, health services, food, and medicine, which makes daily life significantly difficult.

In this context, this communication seeks to analyze the cartelization of the Venezuelan State as one of the main factors that give origin and continuity to said crisis, in order to recognize and describe collaborative networks (either from the family, neighborhood or the community level) as an exercise of the infrapolitics to manage those carework and life support strategies.

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Emergent collectivities and practices of commoning in and after conflict
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