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(Un)Gendered experiences in the virtual space 
Indrani Mukherjee (Indian Anthropological Association)
Abhinav Sen (university of Leeds)
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Subhadra Channa (Delhi University)
9 University Square (UQ), 01/006
Wednesday 27 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The panel explores researches on the spectrum of gendered realities in the virtual space and their interplay, ranging from the ungendered to gender fluid/transitional; to gender related constructs, solidarities, biases/toxicity; to gender performativity and gender continuities of the physical space.

Long Abstract:

Gender translates in the virtual space into dynamic realities, based on its participants, audiences; intra-action and interaction; inclusions and exclusions; activities and practices related to usage; social arrangements and organisational forms surrounding usage; and so on. The participation which is otherwise devoid of a physical form provides for explorations in terms of identities that are beyond normative, and might be gender fluid or transitional. Inspite of this the participation is not outside of the socio/cultural/political backdrop of the participants themselves, and the associated materiality includes related gender constructs, solidarities, affirmative action, stereotypes, biases, and toxicity. At one end is a possibility of the creation of forms devoid of gendered embodiment, while at the other end one finds continuities and reproduction of the gender dynamics of the physical world. Gender performativity as a continuation between the physical and virtual space makes for an equally interesting area of exploration. These gendered nuances are in interplay with each other as well as myriad of activities within the virtual space. The panel thus attempts to create a platform for dialogue between research and research experiences in this area, which is still limited due to the sheer expanse of the virtual space, creating possibilities and opportunities for enhancement of learnings.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 27 July, 2022, -