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Sensory Commons as Transformative Spaces II 
Rajko Mursic (University of Ljubljana)
Juhana Venalainen (University of Eastern Finland)
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Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC), 03/017
Friday 29 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The panel invites presentations to discuss topics of hope and transformations from (multi)sensory anthropology by paying attention to more-than-individual aspects of sensing and sense-making. We invite empirical, theoretical or methodological contributions, experimental and artistic approaches.

Long Abstract:

What can shared sensory experiences tell us about socio-cultural transformations, or how they can take part in enacting these changes? How can we commonly sense the moments of hope and together make sense of them?

Particularly, we encourage the panelists to delve into the topic through the perspective of the sensory commons. By this notion, we refer to the efforts of studying the sensory relations beyond the individual experience – for example, as relational processes, overlapping biographies, or historically emerging, technologically mediated sensibilities. By the focus on “common sensing” and shared sensory tonalities, we stress the ways in which the sensory experiences of an individual are inescapably interconnected to other lives coexisting in the same space and at the same time, and even to the ways in which the allegedly personal and private faculties of sensing can be understood as ephemeral outcomes of collective sense-making. The approach can highlight social and cultural practices that implicitly or explicitly challenges the individualist accounts of making sense, and rather to investigate how shared sensescapes are being “commoned”, that is, how they are continuously produced and reproduced in complex, site-specific arrangements.

The papers may discuss, for example:

Sensing beyond the individual experience

Sensing as a mode of subjectivation

Sensing as "commoning"

Common and contested spaces of hope and transformation

Inclusion, exclusion, and sensory conflicts

Technologically transforming sensescapes

Urban experience and sensory memories

Natural environments as sensory commons

Art practices and common sensescapes

Music events as sensory commons

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 29 July, 2022, -