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(Un)common landscapes: new tools for new worlds, speculation, and shared futures. 
Ryan Frisk (University of Antwerp)
Catelijne van Middelkoop (TU Delft)
Misha Gurovich
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Lanyon Building (LAN), 0G/049
Thursday 28 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Using Mozilla Hubs, Blender, Unreal Engine, among others, we will materialize speculative futures as a basis for elicitation and discussion. The Peace Walls are an entry point and an approach is developed with participants as a process of shared futures and critical future thinking.

Long Abstract:

Using shared tools and techniques we contest material structures, reuse, misuse, remix, or otherwise engage with processes of resemiosis to imagine new values and social realities. Methodologies exploring the visual and material production of speculative futures offer the potential for contexts in which producing data is difficult or impossible in more traditional ethnographic research, as is the case with complexities of future thinking.


In the initial explorations, we (F2F & online) meet in a commonly unfamiliar VR space, a low res metaverse living room of one of the authors (using a web browser and Mozilla Hubs), and discuss objects as artifacts, and contextual disconnection.

We ask participants to submit an interior object for the initial exercise by using a (free) photogrammetry smartphone app, or by submitting a sequence of photos.

(detailed instructions will be provided to participants)


In the final explorations, we will collaborate in smaller groups that focus on specific objects in a material landscape and explore object/human ethnographic accounts, perspectives, and aspirations in the development and discussion of possible futures. We will use the material landscapes of the Peace Walls as an entry point and engage in the process of developing shared futures and critical future thinking.

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