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Research Hurts. Experimental Sonic Laboratory (in situ) 
Vita Zelenska (Leibniz ScienceCampus Regensburg)
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Lanyon Building (LAN), 0G/049
Wednesday 27 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The laboratory is dedicated to reading aloud the research-related texts that you find frustrating and outraging. We will use sonic anti-meditation to create a place for your anger and pain in those very texts.

Long Abstract:

The process of the laboratory will be built around your frustrations in research. We will deal with the texts that hurt you and those that you find outraging, hypocritical. Like, for instance, those of racist regimes in the EU migration management (my case). We will conduct a sonic anti-meditation (counterbuilding on what Pauline Oliveros described as sonic meditations) to put our frustrations together and make them destroy themselves through sound.

Political frustrations and anger are sometimes difficult to put in your own words, even if you are a researcher - articles and conference presentations oftentimes do have not enough place for those autoethnographic bodily moments. We also have such feelings while reading certain texts, official statements, and social media posts. I suggest living through our feelings and affects with the help of sounding those texts out in a certain way. I will provide you with the guidelines for such mischievous albeit serious sonifications, which you will be able to use as you please.

Bring half-page textual documents that you find frustrating or outraging. Carefully choose them so that you are sure you do not mind sharing the feelings they provoke. We will read the texts aloud together, collapsing the meanings of the words through sound.

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