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Contradictions in/of social reproduction: Understanding violence and hope in contemporary capitalism 
Andreas Streinzer (University of St. Gallen)
Patrícia Alves de Matos (CRIA-ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)
Antonio Maria Pusceddu (Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia, Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)
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Great Hall
Wednesday 27 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to investigate the contradictions of social reproduction through the lens of violence. We therefore welcome ethnographic contributions that address and conceptualize the entanglement between multiple articulations of violence and the everyday practices of social reproduction.

Long Abstract:

The pandemic, the ecological crisis, and the ever looming financial crisis, have made the contradictions of capitalism more salient. The increasing frictions lead anthropologists to think through the articulations of ethnographic scales, capitalist relations and societal transformation. Social reproduction emerged as a framework to understand these articulations and the contradictions of their material and normative underpinnings, such as: capital and care, extraction and ecology, patriarchy and love, diversity and racism, survival and extinction. This panel seeks to investigate these contradictions through the lens of violence, focusing on the nexus between different articulations of violence, multiple structural forms of dispossession and social reproduction.

Discussant: Verónica Gago

The questions guiding our panel include:

1) how do people cope with and negotiate violent effects at different social reproduction scales of provisioning?

2) how do violent effects of state interventions in a given historical conjuncture built upon or depart from past regimes of violence and coercion?

3) how are structures and narratives of (potential) violence appropriated as instruments of struggle in peoples' livelihood pursuits at individual and collective levels?

4) how do the contradictions of social reproduction can give rise to the need for hope, worth, alternative livelihood horizons amidst everyday forms of 'cruel optimism'?

We welcome contributions that address and conceptualize the entanglement between violence and the everyday practices of social reproduction. We aim to contribute towards a renovated ethnographic focus on emerging contradictions in/of social reproduction and how its violent effects are stabilised, regulated, challenged and negotiated across distinct regulatory scales of livelihood pursuit.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 27 July, 2022, -