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African Realities and African Futures in the 2020s and Beyond [Africanist Network] 
David O'Kane (Nelson Mandela University)
Dmitry Bondarenko
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10 University Square (UQ), 01/005
Tuesday 26 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

We insist on the centrality of African realities, as they are defined by communities in the continent and its diaspora. How, we ask, do Africa's peoples shape their visions of the reality around them, and how do concrete realities affect their actions to build the future?

Long Abstract:

Whether in the continent or in the diaspora, Africa's peoples face the future with realism, a consciousness of the concrete realities facing their continent in the twenty-first century. Those realities can inspire as much as constrain, but they are the decisive factor in all efforts, large or small, to transform the continent. The themes of hope, transformation and the commons remain a feature of research on Africa, but they must be handled in ways attuned to present-day African realities. The organizers of this panel welcome, therefore, any papers dealing with contemporary African realities as they are being defined, defended, or dismantled, by Africa's peasants, pastoralists and new urban working and middle class communities, and through interventions by African diaspora communities as well. Papers by African scholars are especially welcome. New problems of dependency and decolonization, threats of climate change and environmental degradation, and recurring problems of governance and democratization - these are all factors in conceptions of the present-day African reality, and of past and future realities as well. How, we ask, are such realistic visions constructed by Africa's people, and how do those visions inform their actions to build the future? The organizers are aspiring to bring together a range of papers that deals with as broad a set of cases and themes as possible: therefore, they look forward to receiving papers that are concerned with practical concerns and empirical cases, as well as those implying a broader focus on local ontologies and epistemologies.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Tuesday 26 July, 2022, -