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The Dawn of Everything: Implications for the anthropological condition 
Khalil Betz-Heinemann (University of Helsinki)
Nicholas Smaligo (Southern Illinois University - Carbondale)
Kevin Suemnicht (University of Illinois Chicago)
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Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC), 02/009
Thursday 28 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

'The Dawn of Everything' outlines monumental personal and political possibilities, undermining the premises of contemporary regimes instigating global crises. This roundtable explores how this book augments different schools of thought and everyday understandings of the 21st-century condition.

Long Abstract:

'The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity' (Graeber and Wengrow 2021) is a new international bestseller bringing anthropological and archaeological scholarship into the 'public' realm. The micro and macro political implications are currently being discussed in international readings groups and published as book reviews in popular media. Considering the monumental personal and political possibilities this work suggests, this panel asks: how is this book reframing, reanimating, and questioning what humankind imagines, what we understand and what we do? Furthermore, what does this text mean for social anthropologists? How are lay readers and non-academics engaging with and being influenced by Wengrow and Graeber's arguments? In the wake of Graeber's passing in 2021 and his significant contributions to anthropology, this roundtable reflects on these processes and questions.


(1) Nick Smaligo (online) on the groundwork for 'a new science of history

(2) Kevin Suemnicht (online) explores the books contributions to Black Studies

(3) Simona Ferlini (in person) on imagining alternatives and reinventing ourselves

(4) Felix Girke (in person) on schismogenesis and play

(5) Oana Mateescu (in person) on remaking technological sovereignty

(6) Nika Dubrovsky (in person) on architecture of cities and public housing

Chair: Khalil Avi Betz-Heinemann

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Thursday 28 July, 2022, -