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Restorative approaches in a world of punitive populisms 
Olga Jubany (Universitat de Barcelona)
Janina Radziszewska (University of Wrocław)
Jose Antonio Langarita (University of Girona)
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Lanyon Building (LAN), 0G/049
Friday 29 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Restorative justice contrasts existing justice practices and expectations, particularly under punitive populist discourses. Context-specific negotiations and conflicts may arise around the potential application of restorative approaches that can transform societal justice values and expectations.

Long Abstract:

This panel proposes to bring forth ethnographic research in which restorative justice and other restoration-focused approaches clash with punitive practices and expectations. Context-specific processes and negotiations between different agents and understandings of justice and responsibilities may entail a wide range of procedures and conflicts. An anthropological approach can thus unveil the complex intertwining of practices and expectations involved in the diverse understandings of what justice is or ought to be.

Restorative justice and other victim-centred approaches to harm and responsibility challenge punitive understandings of justice and agency. As such, they question clear-cut divisions of agency and participation in justice processes and the usual, limited role of both victims and civil society organisations. Ideas of justice as something different from or beyond punitive retribution are thus linked to wider processes of transformative process of individual and collective agency. Restoration, as a paradigm, an approach, or as a series or tangible practices, may be seen as a hope-laden endeavour, which may sharply contrast existing procedures, legislations, and practices, particularly those currently applied to gender-based violence, racism, and anti-LGBT hate crimes and discrimination under punitive populist regimes and discourses.

This panel aims at the diverse negotiation and conflict contexts in which restoration clashes with punitivism, within a wide range of fields of expertise and application: environmental conflicts, hate crimes and other forms of direct violence, armed and political conflicts, and so on. As such, this panel welcomes ethnography-based communications that delve into the challenge posed by restoration, against punitive practices and expectations.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 29 July, 2022, -