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Re-Listening to Transgressive Music: Acoustemologies in and from a Changing Caribbean 
Carlo Cubero (Tallinn University)
Pablo D Herrera Veitia (University of Toronto)
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Friday 24 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Lisbon

Short Abstract:

Considering contemporary music from the Caribbean and its diaspora as a sonically transgressive way of knowing, this panel presents a listening session and discussion of the anthropological implications of emerging forms of resistance through music in those areas.

Long Abstract:

What has been the musical response to the failed promises of neoliberalism in the Caribbean and its diaspora? This panel considers contemporary music in such locales as a 'sonically transgressive way of knowing' that articulates radical alternatives to the predicaments of modernity and ongoing colonialism.

This panel presents a listening session and discussion of the anthropological implications of contemporary music produced in the last three years in the archipelago and its diaspora. We will contextualise these tracks in relation to the historical backdrop of hemispheric protest music, the emergence of new urban music genres, and sonic responses to social anxieties and mobilisation.

Some themes that we are interested in, but not limited to, are the musical mobilisations of the #RickRenuncia protests in Puerto Rico during the summer of 2019; the music that surrounded recent protests in Haiti; the role of local rap music in the emergence of the New Afro-Cuban and San Isidro Movements in Cuba; grime music's articulations of race and power, in the UK; and, other mundane forms of resistance through music in and from the Caribbean and its diaspora. We suggest that Caribbean and Caribbean-descended music presents itself in complete ethnographic form as a challenge to written ethnographic production in and from said areas. We seek presentations and set-lists that consider how such music goes beyond the representation of an ontology that is sonically different and strives to remap epistemological shifts in the methodologies, the politics and the poetics of our discipline.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 24 July, 2020, -
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