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New horizons: second generation perspectives on experiences of migration 
Dilyara Müller-Suleymanova (Zurich University of Applied Sciences University of Zurich)
Mareike Scherer (University of Zurich)
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Friday 24 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Lisbon

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to discuss intergenerational experiences of migration and transnational (dis-)involvement of the "second generation" or children of migrants, their perceptions of migration-related experience and shifting configurations of belonging.

Long Abstract:

In this panel we seek to approach the experiences, memories and meanings of migration and transnational relations from the perspective of the so-called "second generation" or the children of migrants (Levitt 2009; Bolzman et al. 2015). The core theme around which we want to build discussions in our panel is the second generation's (dis-)involvement with their alleged "homeland" - be that in the form of transnational (humanitarian, political, etc.) activities, engagement in migrant organizations, practices of remembering, acts of imagination and nostalgia, practices of belonging / "doing" identity or digital activities. We are interested in contributions that shed light on how second generation's lives are shaped by the experiences of migration, by possible tensions and conflicts implicated in the families' "origins" or the past (and present) of the origin countries, as well as by the socio-cultural contexts and discourses of the "host" country. We are interested in how children of migrants position themselves within these complex fields, how they negotiate, deal with and possibly transform socio-cultural constraints into opportunities and resources. Methodologically, we welcome (but are not confined to) submissions that use and possibly combine biographic and ethnographic approaches in data collection and analysis. We are interested in new methodological approaches in the anthropology of migration and would like to discuss possibilities and limitations of these when conducting research with young people belonging to the so-called "second generation".

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 24 July, 2020, -