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Collaborative Futures in Practice: Methods and pedagogies for imagining and doing anthropology together [PechaKucha] 
Amanda Hilton (Syracuse University)
Alessandro Lutri (University of Catania)
Angela Storey (University of Louisville)
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Friday 24 July, -
Time zone: Europe/Lisbon

Short Abstract:

How we "do" anthropology changes when we do so together. Approaches to collaboration in anthropology continue to gain traction and often cross-pollinate between methods and pedagogies. This Pecha Kucha panel invites short presentations that foreground collaborative anthropological experiences.

Long Abstract:

How we "do" anthropology changes when we do so together. This panel explores how collaborative approaches to ethnography push us to craft futures of scholarship and practice that enlist multiple ways of doing and becoming together. We focus on both methods and pedagogies in order to highlight ways in which collaborative praxes extend across, and can link together, research and teaching. Collaboration can take many forms within methodological frames, from community-based participatory approaches that reimagine relationships and definitions of research (Austin 2004; Anthony et al 2010) to engaged or militant scholarship that reworks ideas of voice and representation (Juris 2007; Alonso Bejarano et al 2019). Pedagogical work can also embrace collaborative modes of knowledge production and engagement, including through de-canonizing curricula (Buell et al 2019), progressive practices of citation (Guarasci et al 2018), and an embrace of uncertainty in the classroom (Hundle 2017).

This panel asks: how does collaboration within methodological and pedagogical approaches necessarily imagine new kinds of sociality? How do such approaches challenge us to both change our current approaches and to pre-figure an anthropological future in which the discipline is shaped by new actors and new arrangements of action? In order to highlight the breadth of collaborative possibilities, this panel invites proposals for short, Pecha Kucha-style empirically-based presentations focused upon a single approach to collaborative anthropological praxis. Presentations should emphasize a single method, project, pedagogy, teaching approach, or research outcome that foregrounds collaborative scholarship and practice.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 24 July, 2020, -
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