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Works and lives: new perspectives on economy and livelihoods in Mediterranean Anthropology [Mediterraneanist Network (MedNet)] 
Jutta Lauth Bacas (University of Malta)
Carlo Capello (University of Torino)
Panas Karampampas (Durham University)
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Thursday 23 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Lisbon

Short Abstract:

The panel will focus on the impact of neoliberal and austerity policies in the Mediterranean area and beyond, with special attention to changing labour regimes, precarity, unemployment and informal labour. Through this, it will highlight the new horizons developed in Mediterranean Anthropology.

Long Abstract:

Mediterranean Anthropology has gone through a radical change, opening itself to new horizons of reflection and research, and creating new spaces for inquiries on issues such as grass-roots politics and mobilization, neoliberal policies, transnational mobilities, new moral economies, demographic changes and new family forms. In this panel, we would like to focus on specific features of this disciplinary transformation, paying particular attention to research regarding changing labour and employment regimes under the impact of neo-liberal and austerities policies in Mediterranean area and beyond. Notable in this respect is to reflect on the increasing amalgamation of employment relationships, binding together regular or fixed-term labour contracts with precarious job appointments as well as various formal and informal procedures of accessing the labour market. Examples of issues that contributors to the panel could address are: The impact of neo-liberal and austerity policies on both shores of the Mediterranean; the effects of the transformation and multiplication of labour regimes; the experience of precarity and informal economy; adult and youth unemployment, its relation with deindustrialization and the growing precarisation of labour; gender pay gaps; the complex relations between irregular migration, the informal labour market and the social entitlement to benefits offered by the Welfare State. In focus are current convulsions and contradictions of the global economy, which are understood as a stimulus to investigate work and lives further in this area and beyond. Proposals to the panel may draw on anthropological work in Mediterranean settings or offer a comparative view from outside the area.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 23 July, 2020, -
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