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Accepted Paper:

Teaching anthropology and anthropological methods to caregivers: a practice to define, a challenge to take up  
Helene Hoarau-Uny (University of Bordeaux, Teachning Hospital of Bordeaux (CHU- URISH)) Christine Germain (Universiatire Hospital Centre)

Paper short abstract:

A University Degree of Nursing Research has been integrated a qualitative methods course by an anthropologist since 2016. The pedagogy links quantitative and qualitative methods and a practical issue. We explore the structure of the course and concerns from both students and pedagogic team.

Paper long abstract:

In 2012, the University of Bordeaux created a University Degree of Nursing Research (UDNR). As the context of research puts in light the pluridisciplinarity in the construction of a study whatever the subject, the UDNR has been integrated the presentation of qualitative methods (by an anthropologist) since 2016.

It raises the problem of teaching Human Sciences concepts, techniques and analysis in a short time (3 days) to non-initiated public: caregivers.

First, we constructed a pedagogy linked quantitative and qualitative methods' presentation in hospital/clinical research. As multidisciplinary, this articulation requires understanding and negotiation. Our pedagogy is at once based on formalistic expectations from a research protocol and underlined by examples from real projects which seems to be appropriated to caregivers. In fact, it matches the professional representations of caregivers: "to be in action".

Second, we accompanied students in the methodological construction of a research project for their final dissertation. This support highlights the way student consider, understand and use "tools" from Human Sciences. Their concerns echo ourselves: not distort the qualitative approach, method ethics and internal changes driven by learning these methods.

As a conclusion, in the UDNR structure, teaching qualitative methods - anthropological ones- always challenges teaching without learning conceptual underpinnings which made its nature and meanings. Moreover, methodological boundaries between disciplines are becoming increasingly permeable in research, which is a benefit for research and innovative pathways, but it interferes with teaching.

Panel P044
Teaching and learning anthropology and ethnography in transforming contexts: objectives, practices, pedagogies and challenges [TAN]
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