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Accepted Paper:

What do we learn from learners: Educating potential ethnographers  
Zerrin Tandogan (Bilkent University)

Paper short abstract:

This study is based upon the perceptions and experiences of individuals who are in the teaching and learning positions in the context of an ethnographic research course at tertiary level.

Paper long abstract:

In the realm of teaching there is nothing static. Due to the dynamic nature of this interactive process the need is very apparent to reconsider our ways of teaching by all means in the context of all stages of formal education. Based upon my teaching ethnographic research and politics course for the last five years at tertiary level I will reconstruct my own and my students perceptions and experiences in the context of implementing various techniques in teaching and learning how to conduct ethnographic research. In the shade of digitalization of education, the classical understanding 'being there' is steadily challenged and participant observation is questioned as participation in what? Face-to-face interaction in social research is being gradually replaced by research without human contact like social research without social. In the midst of all these emerging tendencies, ethnographic type of research might need more attention if not protection due to its vulnerability as opposed to the reliability of big data. We can learn a lot from our students with respect to the possible transmission of 'ethnographic values' to coming generations. Thus, this study aims to explore how to develop new strategies for this purpose from the potential future ethnographers point of view.

Panel P044
Teaching and learning anthropology and ethnography in transforming contexts: objectives, practices, pedagogies and challenges [TAN]
  Session 1 Wednesday 15 August, 2018, -