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Accepted Paper:

Chances of exploratory learning for the teaching of anthropological methods in interdisciplinary master programs  
Petra Panenka (University of Education/Univerity of Lucerne)

Paper short abstract:

This paper shows how the teaching of anthropological methods in interdisciplinary master programs is supported by researched-based modules designed for exploratory learning and accompanying workshops courses.

Paper long abstract:

Which benefits do research-based modules accompanied by workshop courses have in teaching anthropological methods in interdisciplinary master programs? In the last years anthropological methods became increasingly important in educational studies and were established as a central part of methodological teaching of qualitative methods in many disciplines related to educational and pedagogical sciences. While exploratory learning (Ludwig Huber 2004, Margrit Kaufmann or Henning Koch 2015) is a useful didactic concept in the teaching anthropological methods, its implementation in everyday teaching praxis faces some challenges. This is especially the case in the teaching of anthropological methods in interdisciplinary master programs with researched-based modules. There students have different biographies, professional knowledges, and methodological skills. They therefore need different support offers and accompaniment. The paper presents how research-based modules in interdisciplinary study programs establish time and space for students to practice anthropological methods and how accompanying flexible courses with different contents and formats support students at their exploratory learning of anthropological methods. This will at first be exemplified by the research-based modules of the master programs in Educational Studies and Intercultural Education, Migration and Plurilingualism at the University of Education in Karlsruhe. Secondly first results of the development project Bildungsinitative ² will be presented, which has the goal to improve the quality of learning and teaching qualitative methods, and therefore designed very flexible accompanying workshop courses for the research-based modules of the two master programs.

Panel P044
Teaching and learning anthropology and ethnography in transforming contexts: objectives, practices, pedagogies and challenges [TAN]
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