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Religion and refugee: interdisciplinary discussion on humane-divine interactions 
Jin-Heon Jung
Alexander Horstmann (University of Bielefeld)
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Tuesday 14 August, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

Building on the conversation between scholarship and disciplines, our panel explores the spatial location of religion in the flows and global chains of Diasporic migrant, refugee and religious communities as well as the difference that religion makes as a transformative force.

Long Abstract:

This panel invites scholars and practitioners for interdisciplinary discussions about the multilayered roles and efficacies of religion over the course of refugee-migrants' life trajectories and in the Diasporic political community. Intellectually innovative essays on refugee-diaspora communities in any continents are all welcome. Selected papers should demonstrate interdisciplinary approaches and comparative perspectives primarily based on empirical research on the transformative interactions with the divine among refugee-migrant individuals and Diaspora, religious institutions and networks, social movements and (inter)national organizations. In particular, contributors are encouraged to shed light on the ways religious mobilizations and religious strategies of place-making help refugees recover and reconstruct lives in exile and transnational during periods of despair. Papers should provide critical reflections on the ongoing tensions between the secular and the sacred, the national and the transnational, security and humanity. Further, this panel wants to examine the material, moral, imaginative, and utopian forces in the flows of the displaced through the lens of religion that exhibits a transformative power for people interacting with each other in terms of hospitality, self-help and healing. As such, our contributions should encompass the secular and sacred obstacles and aspirations that the refugee individuals' experience and envision through their life trajectories. Ultimately, this panel aims to cumulatively effect a paradigm shift in the approaches, perspectives, and practices on the potentials and limits of divine and humane interactions in the studies of refugee and religion.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Tuesday 14 August, 2018, -