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The conference as sensorial field site: embodying knowledge dissemination, recording experience 
Sterre Gilsing (University Utrecht)
Carolina Maurity Frossard (University of Amsterdam)
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Tuesday 14 August, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

In order to tend to the phenomenology of producing and sharing knowledge, this lab engages the conference through sensorial ethnography. It consists of a research experiment focused on how we inhabit the spaces of EASA '18. Our collective output will feature as an episode in the City Talks podcast. N.B.! interested participants should get in touch with convenors beforehand via carolina.frossard(at) and s.e.gilsing(at)

Long Abstract:

This laboratory aims to rethink the conference as a space for the production and dissemination of knowledge, but by engaging it through sensorial ethnography. The laboratory consists of two meetings, with a fieldwork period in between:

1. A first meeting, in which participants decide on guiding research questions and methodology, and explore the possibilities of collaborative fieldwork. A reading list on ways of doing and representing sensorial ethnography will be provided before the lab, for inspiration.

2. Fieldwork consists of participants' own EASA trajectories. Aimed at the sensorial and embodied dimensions of the conference experience, this fieldwork can be carried out individually, or collaboratively. Participants are encouraged to record their findings in multiple ways, such as audio recordings, video, photography, drawing, poetry, and so on.

3. A final meeting in which we exchange, discuss, and reflect on our processes, findings and experiences. This mediated final conversation will feature as a bonus episode of the City Talks podcast.

This lab has the objective of connecting researchers who are interested in critically engaging the spaces and practices implicated in academic production. Here, we propose to do that collaboratively, while experimenting with methodological tools targeted at the sensorial and embodied dimensions of doing academia - which are too often taken for granted.


The lab can accommodate up to 20 participants, selected on a first-write, first-served basis. To sign up, please send an e-mail to and with a brief bio.