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De-placed mobility: anthropologies of prosumed experience in the contemporary travel and media industries [PechaKucha] 
Roger Norum (University of Oulu)
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Aula Magna-Spelbomskan
Wednesday 15 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

This panel examines how the production and consumption of mobile experience, and the new media technologies that enable them, create novel subjectivities and subjects.

Long Abstract:

More than three decades ago, James Clifford (1986) wrote that travel is not merely about going places; it is a conceptual and geographic displacement intended to catalyse new experiences. More recently, while scholars have identified a rise of so-called experiential travel, many have left unconsidered the production, consumption and mediation of the travel experience itself as a core component of travel desire. This panel will examine how narrativised and prosumed forms of mobility, and the new media technologies that enable the, create novel subjectivities and subjects. A shift in focus from travel as place/destination to travel as self-fashioning/self-dissemination reflects the changing nature of contemporary mobility. Today, travelers are no longer just driven by dreams of checking off the sites and sights on their bucket list of adventures; rather, such mobility is now-sometimes primarily-driven by the desire to self-promote. Travellers make use of apps and real-time social media to imagine place and to produce texts with which they narrativise their travels. Papers will address the role which the instantaneous production and consumption of place/self plays in new performances of identity. The more that moments of experience can be captured and fixed, thereby losing their immediacy and fluidity, the more the subjective experience of the present itself begins to erode (Simanowski 2017).

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 15 August, 2018, -