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New urban food practices and the senses in the city [Anthropology of Food] 
Roos Gerritsen
Grit Wesser (Newcastle University)
Ferne Edwards (City, University of London)
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Wednesday 15 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

This panel aims to explore the relationship between food and the senses in urban and peri-urban contexts, with a particular focus on how these food practices and senses have been reshaped in recent years through an increasing mobility of both people and produce.

Long Abstract:

Food nourishes our bodies and minds: through sharing and shifting into different social, physical, symbolic and sensual spaces, it creates and maintains social relations and distinctions, embodying various social, cultural, and moral values. Food settles in cities in novel ways: with trends including urban gardens, health food shops and freegan movements to street food, food trucks and food delivery.

This panel aims to explore the relationship between urban food practices and the senses. Studies of food practices and the senses provide insights into how the city and its dwellers are being reshaped, and demonstrate how food, memory and materiality connect past, present, and future imaginaries. We ask how city and food practices co-produce each other? How are social relations and distinctions reproduced and reshaped through newly-introduced and diverse cooking styles? What role do the senses play in the production, preparation, and consumption of food? How do particular foods evoke memories of home or the past for new arrivals or provide a means of understanding 'the other' for people who stay put? How do sensorial aspects from community gardens, shared meals or ritual feasts foster new communities? In uncertain times, what food practices stay, go, or return revised and how are these remembered? How do smells and tastes of food accompany life transitions?

Recognising that the food/sense/space nexus can be difficult to represent, we welcome contributions using innovative and creative approaches to explore urban experiences and perceptions, such as performative papers, visual narratives, or audio papers.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 15 August, 2018, -