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Staying, moving and settling in Africa and its diaspora [EASA Africanists' Network] 
Dmitry Bondarenko
David O'Kane (Nelson Mandela University)
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Friday 17 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Stockholm

Short Abstract:

In choosing to stay, move, or settle, within Africa or beyond, Africa's people reshape their continent and its future. We invite papers that will deal with all aspects of these experiences of migration and the choices it entails.

Long Abstract:

Human mobility is a twenty-first century universal, but in the case of Africa and its Diaspora it takes particular and peculiar forms, forms shaped by the continent's past history and present reality. In choosing to stay, move, or settle, within Africa or beyond, Africa's people reshape the world around them, and set their continent on the path to a future that remains unclear. To clarify that future, and to understand better the continent's present reality, the EASA Africanists' Network invites papers that will deal with all aspects of mobility, migration and sedentarism in Africa. Papers are welcome from all subdisciplines and all areas of the continent. The convenors are particularly interested in papers dealing with:

· The African refugee crisis as it takes place both within and without Africa.

· How African migration patterns bring the continent into conjunction - and confrontation - with the outside world.

· Patterns of African migration and their relationship to class - whether by Africa's burgeoning Middle Classes, within their home countries, the continent as a whole, and into the African Diaspora, or by the continent's working classes.

· Religious pilgrimage is also a long-standing and contemporary part of Africa's migration experience, as is migration for educational opportunities; again, we welcome any papers dealing with aspects of these and related phenomena.

And we also invite papers on the themes of staying, moving or settling which are not covered above!

The convenors may be reached via the contact details below.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 17 August, 2018, -