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First Name Last Name Institution Roles []
Stephen Gudeman (University of Minnesota Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) Panel Chair in P006   Messenger
Monique Nuijten (Wageningen University) Panel Chair in P054   Messenger
Claire Beaudevin (CNRS, Cermes3) Panel Chair in P077   Messenger
Mark Maguire (Maynooth University) Panel Chair in P110   Messenger
Dimitra Kofti (Panteion University, Athens) Panel Chair in P021   Messenger
Antonio Maria Pusceddu (Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia, Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) Panel Chair in P080   Messenger
Pietro Vereni (Università Tor Vergata Rome) Panel Chair in P059   Messenger
Sabine Luning (Leiden University) Panel Chair in P017   Messenger
Klavs Sedlenieks (Riga Stradins University) Panel Chair in P014   Messenger
Adriana Piscitelli (State University of CampinasUNICAMP) Panel Chair in P064   Messenger
Jens Seeberg (Aarhus University) Panel Chair in P105   Messenger
Thea Abu El-Haj (Rutgers University) Panel Chair in P143   Messenger
Andrea Muehlebach (University of Toronto) Panel Chair in P051   Messenger
Ellen Skilton (Arcadia University) Panel Chair in P052   Messenger
Boris Petric (CNRS/EHESS) Panel Chair in P136   Messenger