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Accepted Paper:

Reflections on fieldwork in Prague: teaching/learning experiment  
Marketa Zandlova (Charles University in Prague) Michal Lehečka (Charles University)

Paper short abstract:

Our presentation exposes and evolves an experimental teaching project. Through shooting and discussing short film ABOUT and IN a methodology course we wish to scrutinize processes of teaching-learning-presenting ethnographic methods, with all its deepness, potentials and limits.

Paper long abstract:

Teaching and learning ethnographic methods is a challenge. Moreover, real harm to real people can be done if both, teaching and learning, isn´t done properly. Our goal as lecturers is to make those processes as rewarding as possible, therefore we decided to perform a teaching experiment. In the presentation we wish to expose and simultaneously evolve an experimental project, our EASA presentation itself being part of it. The project starts in February 2016 and its idea is as follows: we (lecturers) will film us and students of a methodology course (at the Anthropology department, Charles University, Prague) during their very first performances in the field, in the course of discussions of our field experiences and also of the emerging film. Simultaneously we want to take notes of all these events. At the end of the course, we (lecturers) will edit a short movie that should be a basis for the second part of the project: sharing and discussing this "product" of our understanding of the seminar with students and with the audience at the EASA workshop. Everything should be filmed, edited, presented. Afterwards we wish to encourage our students to make their own "field-movies" and re-interpret (probably deconstruct?) our previous representation of the teaching/learning process. The goal of our endeavour is threefold: : 1) to provide feedback for the students, incentive for their self-reflection 2) to deepen our sensitivity as teachers 3) to scrutinize the process of teaching-learning-presenting ethnographic methods classes, with all its deepness, potentials and limits.

Panel P125
Teaching ethnography as method: legacies and future practices [TAN]
  Session 1