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Accepted Paper:

Theatre and choreography at the frontiers of collaborative practice and social movement  
Nadine Wanono (IMAf- CNRS) Julie Peghini (Université Paris 8)

Paper short abstract:

From the complex dimension of several fieldworks to the necessity to render it accurately, we become engaged in research projects conceived as collaborative practices with a theatre company and also with a manifestation called Digital Anthropologies.

Paper long abstract:

Collaborative practices with people engaged in our research become quite an obvious positioning, especially when we realise the difficulties for bypassing the normative outcome the academic system and the media are looking for. We would like to present our experiences during two different research projects: one in Mayotte with a theatre company with which we try to render the multicultural dimension of the territory and its population and the second one with a manifestation we conceived with colleagues of us, in order to introduce choreographic interactions with the audience.

After describing the context and the epistemological background of these two activities we would like to address the specific capacities of the theatre and the choreographic companies to tackle the collaborative dimension and the social impact of their means of expression.

By leaving the domain of the screen and by inviting the audience to interact with the companies could we pretend to initiate collaborative activities and a form of social engagement? Are we in a process of performance or theatre? Are we proposing form of political dissent or "Artivism", what are the social and political consequences of such collaborative engagements?

Panel P042
The praxis of collaborative ethnography: knowledge production with social movements
  Session 1