Accepted paper:

Political formation of the Regional Indigenous Organization of Valle del Cauca (ORIVAC) for participation in post agreement scenarios in Colombia.


Carlos Andrés Tobar Tovar (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali)
Sulay Henao Restrepo (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar)

Paper short abstract:

We will present the training process for political participation of the ORIVAC in the post agreement in Colombia. The post agreement is a political scenario that arises as a result of negotiations between the government and the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Paper long abstract:

This communication addresses the coaching process leading to the completion of the training program for political participation of the ORIVAC, in scenarios of public debate organized by the State in the department of Valle del Cauca. The researcher's goal was to implement a methodology for the preparation of documents that will express the needs of the organization, and also alternatives for achieving the process through dialogue and consensus with universities and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute. From the perspective of the participatory action research, we described the development of an ethnographic experience to accompany the process, from studying the reach of public policy on differential attention at the Êbêra Chamí communities linked to ORIVAC. This organization represents the indigenous social movement in the region and emerged as a result of the 1991 Constitution which was passed in Colombia as a multiethnic and multicultural country. Our presentation describes the possibilities and limitations of the encounter between the state and the organization, from the expectations of cultural and economic recognition that indigenous groups face on the post agreement. We consider that this presentation helps to glimpse one of the roles of Colombian anthropologists in support for social movements, that seek to provide from their horizons of understanding to the discussion about the end of the armed conflict in Colombia.

panel P042
The praxis of collaborative ethnography: knowledge production with social movements