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World-making futures lab (Future Anthropologies Network Workshop) 
Sarah Pink (Monash University)
Juan Francisco Salazar (Western Sydney University)
Andrew Irving (University of Manchester)
Johannes Sjöberg (University of Manchester)
Annette Markham (Utrecht University)
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Start time:
23 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This workshop will shape an agenda an anthropological World-Making practice that is critical, actively interventional World-Making anthropology. It focuses on emergence, everyday alterities, speculative futures and creative practice.

Long Abstract:

This workshop will bring together anthropologists who share the aim to shape an agenda for anthropological World-Making. World-Making, as determined at our Barcelona workshop (2015), will involve militating for an anthropological practice that goes beyond the discipline's conventional role of documenting, analyzing critically debating, or informing the practice of other change-makers. This will be a critical and actively interventional World-Making anthropology, focusing on emergence, everyday alterities, speculative futures and creative practice based techniques. It embraces the possibility that anthropologists will participate in shaping what happens next.

In the morning, we will create collective statements on: ethics of anthropological World-Making; Where and what is 'Future' in Word-Making; How can we best combine anthropology and creative practice in World-Making?; What is uniquely anthropological about the agenda we are forming?; What is the critical contribution to theoretical/methodological scholarship?

In the afternoon participants will work in groups of 3-4 to create and speculate with prototypes, probes or models, of World-Making practices. They must be committed to creating/producing/generating something documented and shared - performed, storied, filmed, written into an essay or other format.

We hope to document and base an open-access production on this event, if we can resource such a project.

To apply to participate send an abstract of 100 words outlining: 1) how you propose to contribute to this Lab; 2) your perspective on anthropological World-Making and futures.

For background on the critical perspective of the FAN, see our manifesto: