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Themes in the history of anthropology 
David Shankland (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Aleksandar Boskovic (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade)
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Andre Gingrich (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Start time:
20 July, 2016 at
Time zone: Europe/Rome
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Short Abstract:

This panel provides a forum for current researches in the history of anthropology, particularly but not confined to anthropology in Europe. Building on the panel held at the last conference in Estonia, the intention is to provide the nucleus for a new EASA network on the history of anthropology.

Long Abstract:

The aim of this panel is to provide a place in the EASA biannual conference to discuss emerging themes in the history of anthropology as reflecting in current research by EASA members. Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the number of works devoted to the history of our discipline, without however, a commensurate increase in capacity to discuss them. Submissions are therefore welcome from across the range of historical topics, including the relationship between anthropology, nationalism, government and the state; the creation of intellectual movements and paradigms, and the emergence of intra-disciplinary currents. Papers are welcome which concentrate on biographical accounts of significant anthropologists as well as those which look at broader analysis of trends in the production and dissemination of anthropological knowledge within their historical context. It is the intention that in the long term these discussions provide the nucleus for a new network on the history of anthropology within EASA which will enable regular discussion of these issues, including their implications for the present-day shape of the discipline.

Accepted papers:

Session 1