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Accepted Paper:

Anthropological crossings beyond the sea: postcolonialisms in Portuguese  
Jefferson Virgilio (UFSC)

Paper short abstract:

This proposal presents the research carried out between the years 2014 and 2015 on anthropology in Portugal. It has cut and focus on the period 1980 to 2015 and particularly in establishing relationships with anthropology practiced in Brazil.

Paper long abstract:

The methodology includes literature reviews, consulting archives, interviews with anthropologists and participant observation. The text proposes approaches, dialogues and reflections on the relations between Brazilian and Portuguese anthropologies in the last forty years. Produces brief historical review of the institutionalization of the Portuguese anthropology and analyzes the privileged relations between the Brazilian and Portuguese anthropologies. Also is proposed a specific critique and reflexion about the process of patrimonialization of the History of Portuguese Anthropology by some Portuguese anthropologists until today. It refers to my master thesis in Social Anthropology (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil & New University of Lisbon, Portugal).

Panel P020
Themes in the history of anthropology
  Session 1