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Does the world draw? A collision of approaches 
Amanda Ravetz (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Anne Douglas (Robert Gordon University)
Start time:
1 August, 2014 at
Time zone: Europe/Tallinn
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This participatory artlab led by visual anthropologist Amanda Ravetz and visual artist Anne Douglas asks whether drawing practice can inform a rethinking of creativity within anthropology.

Long Abstract:

Drawing can be explained in at least two ways: exemplifying trace, an inherent capacity or collection of characteristics in an individual (Nancy 2013) e.g. Rembrandt's drawing versus Van Gogh's drawing, the drawing of a particular thing in the world by a particular individual; or as an open-ended, improvisatory movement through the world that marks a line (Ingold, 2011). This may be physical, metaphysical, virtual or real.

This participatory artlab sets out to create a collision between these different approaches to drawing and to use this experience to open a debate about drawing and anthropology.

The 90 minute workshop will offer participants points of access into different aspects of drawing which may include: collaborative, ephemeral, imagistic and relational. It will open into a discussion on the implications of these experiences for an ontology of creativity and for the practices of art/anthropology.

The workshop will happen outside, weather permitting. Old clothing should be worn. Materials will be provided. No formal drawing experience or skill is required.