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And when the policeman comes, will he dance with us? 
Adomas Lapinskas (Sodertorn University)
Astra foyer
Start time:
1 August, 2014 at
Time zone: Europe/Tallinn
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

You are invited to participate in the collaborative music performance in the public space of Tallinn. We come out at night, and play music together. If you can not play/dance/sing - even better! You will have new things to discover. The location/time will be announced prior to the event.

Long Abstract:

After the main program the participants of EASA are invited to participate in the night trip outside the walls of the university. Together with a street music collective "Autonominiai Shanchiu Vijurkai " from Kaunas, Lithuania we will explore urban regimes of leisure, check the parameters of local vibe production and engage in nocturnal libidinal economies. Is it not an adventure that an intellectually inebriated collective of rogue anthropologists are looking for in the middle of the summer?

Theoretically, it is an invitation for a collaborative exploration of public space of Tallin, exploring the urban realm and intervening into the flow of everyday life. What does it mean to participate in public perfomance from ethnographic perspective? For us, the question itself depends on Goffmanian "frames" that we use to see it. What are the boundaries of artistic performance, public ritual or norm transgression? Can it be read as artistic/political action, challenging normative urbanities a la 1968? Does the intervention into the public soundscape mobilize anger and rage of the dispossessed, in the form of the drum beat - resounding from the squares from Syntagma to Maidan, circa 2008-2014 AD? Is it a commodified spectacle for tourist gaze? Accommodating to the pleasure regime of neoliberal city-as-playground for certain classes?

When a policeman comes, we will know better:) -Action in Stockholm

Participation is open. Some drumsticks will be provided.