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Future temporalities in anthropological practice 
Sarah Pink (Monash University)
Carlo Cubero (Tallinn University)
Simone Abram (Durham University)
Start time:
31 July, 2014 at
Time zone: Europe/Tallinn
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel relates to the Forward Play: anthropology at the edge of the future lab. Both shift the focus beyond the ethnographic past/present to ask how anthropology can prepare for the future. What kinds of collaborations should we engage with and how could we realise such collaborative projects?

Long Abstract:

This Panel connects with the Forward Play: anthropology at the edge of the future lab. It invites participants who want to develop their ideas in a paper format the opportunity to give paper presentations that reflect on the core questions that are addressed in more action and activity oriented ways through the lab. Therefore focusing on questions about how we might take anthropology beyond its focus on the ethnographic past, in ways that resolve the ethical dilemmas associated with the troubled ethnographic present to engage with alternative ethnographic temporalities. Indeed we invite participants to consider if we have a moral responsibility to be mindful of and prepared for doing anthropologies that account for the future - to create an anticipatory or interventionist public or applied anthropology? How should we engage with the ways with which activists, politicians, filmmakers, designers, science fiction, and corporations imagine, perform, represent, prepare for and approach futures? And how might such collaborations or relationships be realised?

Accepted papers: