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Anthropology as a vocation and occupation 
Hana Cervinkova (Maynooth University)
Karolina Follis (Lancaster University)
Start time:
3 August, 2014 at
Time zone: Europe/Tallinn
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Short Abstract:

This panel is designed to bring together early career anthropologists in order to stimulate an exchange on career prospects and concerns of this professional group from an international perspective specific to European anthropology and to identify EASA's potential support role in this process.

Long Abstract:

This panel is designed to bring together early career anthropologists who seek to build their professional lives around the skills and knowledge they have developed in the course of their formal training in sociocultural anthropology. Our purpose is threefold. 1. On behalf of EASA, we seek to understand how our members who fall in the early career category view their current career prospects; 2. Drawing on current debates on the future of research and higher education under conditions of austerity, digitalization and casualization of academic labor, we seek to stimulate an exchange that would examine those international concerns from a perspective specific to European anthropology; 3. We hope to learn whether EASA itself has a role to play assisting early career anthropologists as they navigate both the available and the yet-to-be-created (or discovered) opportunities for anthropologists in Europe today.

Our definition of "early career" is expansive and it includes advanced PhD students, new PhDs and scholars with a few years of postdoctoral experience. We are also interested in hearing from anthropologists who completed Masters degrees and are pondering their next steps. For this panel we welcome contributions in the form of traditional 15-20 minute presentations, as well as shorter 5-10 minutes reflection pieces. Depending on interest and the submissions we receive, we will configure the sessions as roundtables or panels, with an emphasis on maximizing participation and discussion.

PLEASE NOTE: as this panel is intended to be a professionalization panel and not a forum for the presentation of academic work, participation in this panel does not count as a paper presentation. Consequently participants may also present in another panel or laboratory.

Accepted papers:

Session 1