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Play with/within uncertainty: ethnology of the comic forms (Jeu avec / dans l'incertitude : ethnologie des formes comiques) (EN, FR) 
Laure Carbonnel (IHA CREPOS Dakar)
Stefan Le Courant (LESC / Paris Ouest)
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R12 (in V)
Friday 13 July, 11:30-13:15 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

How can the comic be considered as an object in anthropology? This panel proposes to discuss incertitude in relation with the comic in society. Comment l'anthropologie peut-elle construire le comique en tant qu'objet ? Ce panel propose de s'appuyer sur le thème de l'incertitude pour explorer le comique à l'échelle de la société.

Long Abstract

The comic cannot be separated from the situation in which it occurs or that it reflects. The different forms of comic situation (the literature burlesque, joke, buffoonery, etc.) create uncertainty in regards to what is properly quotidian, socially and linguistically; the comic manipulates words and rules and disrupts routine. However, the comic, to the extent that it creates incertitude, has to be controlled in order to avoid the risk of being viewed as crazy, shameful or confrontational. The comic also emerges from those situations of incertitude, those moments of individual or collective disquiet. And yet, beyond these moments of localized tension, there exist groups of people, characters, or styles totally dedicated to comic. Therefore, can we consider the comic, as a social institution, as a form of institutionalized incertitude?

This panel intends, by comparing between different forms of the comic, to analyze the comic at the level of the society. This will be accomplished by, firstly, examining the structure of comic when they occur; secondly, analyzing the meaning of the comic in link with creation and management of incertitude; and, thirdly, considering the methodological and analytical questions that are raised when anthropology constructs the comic as an object.

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